My Eyes Are Up Here, One: Determining Your Bra Size

Source: My Eyes Are Up Here, One: Determining Your Bra Size


My Maths Teacher Hates Me and other Stories


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First Part

»“Jadwong” by Sydney Mugerwa ・ “Home Time” by Chumisa Paquita Ndakisa ・ “Accounts of A Street Urchin” by Jude Mutuma ・ “Bead Work” by Caleb Adebayo ・ “Madam” by Tiffany Kagure Mugo ・ “The Wound of Shrinking” by Melissa Kiguwa ・ “Nightmare” by Nnedinma Jane Kalu ・ “My Maths Teacher Hates Me!” by Paul Ugbede ・ “The Gift” by Michelle Preen ・ “On Skeletons and Tea” by Lydia Kasese ・ «


Jalada 03: My Maths Teacher Hates Me and other Stories - Click to Download PDF Jalada 03: My Maths Teacher Hates Me and other Stories – Click to Download PDF

Second Part

»“Two Years Round Rubble” by Mbamalu Socrates ・ “Early” by Michelle Preen ・ “The Money Shot” by Amy Heydenrych ・ “First Cut” by Catherine Jarvis ・ “The Life and Times of a Wanderer” by Mary Temiloluwa Ajayi ・ “Friday Night” by Chumisa Paquita Ndakisa ・ “On a Hot Summer’s Night” by Catherine Shepherd ・ “Inside-Outside”

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Run for Women and Girls – Improve Maternal Health

The Ruminating Sphere

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Action for Development (ACFODE) is holding a marathon to fundraise for maternal medical equipment for health centres in Kisoro district in an effort to contribute towards the improvement of girls and women’s health.

The marathon (5km and 10km) is under the theme: Run for Women and Girls – Improve Maternal Health and is scheduled to take place on Sunday 29th March 2015 at 7.00am with the Railway Grounds in Kampala as the start and end venue. The Chief runner is the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura.

According to the Uganda Demographic Health Survey Report 2011, Uganda has made strides in improving maternal health, however there are still challenges with the maternal mortality ratio at 438 women out of 100,000 live births, this means that on average 16 women die during or shortly after giving birth every day. This is attributed to…

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Tearing Down Walls

Tear down the walls!


A long time ago when the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany) was running affairs in Germany, there was something known as the Berlin Wall. This wall was constructed to completely cut off West Berlin from East Berlin. With a ‘death strip’, several vehicle trenches and guard towers to patrol the wall, there was little chance that anyone would run away from the Communist East’s fascist tendencies.

On the evening of 9th November 1989, people who were referred to as Mauerspechte (wall woodpeckers) started the work of bringing down this wall and in the days and weeks that followed the demolition took on a more serious trend. The wall covered an entire 155 Kms (96 miles) although just about 3 or 4 kms of it still exist to this day.

Berlin wall

A visitor peeks through a still-existing section of the Berlin Wall into the so-called ‘death strip,’ where East German border…

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The Tolkien-Lewis Friendship Hits The Big Screen

I hope they don’t mess it up…

101 Books

It’s a dream come true for a love of LOTR and Narnia fans—that is, if the movie turns out to be good.

That movie is an upcoming drama called Tolkien & Lewis. The film will cost around $18 million to make and will be a “drama fantasy set in war torn Britain in 1941 revealing the faith, friendship and rivalry between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.”

The film will be directed by Simon West, who also directed The Expendables 2 and Con Air. Um, what? How many explosions will be in this film? Let’s just hope he doesn’t cast Nicolas Cage.

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Lessons from Luwero

A worthy cause…


There are very many lessons I learnt while I was growing up. Most of these lessons were meticulously delivered by parents who seamlessly switched from kind, peaceful, loving humans to ruthless no-nonsense disciplinarians whenever the need arose. One of the most profound lessons I ever did learn from them was and is the lesson of generosity – a lesson which to this day continues to be the cornerstone of my entire existence.

Naturally when I am making friends or associating with people, I am drawn more and more to people who are generous. Generosity is a virtue that I hold in very high regard. It therefore comes as no surprise that I am a proud member of Forty Days Over Forty Smiles Foundation – a group of Youth who have taken generosity to a whole new level. On 19th April, the Foundation opened a Dormitory at Happy Times School…

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